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Connecticut Immigration Lawyer - Green Card, American CitizenshipAt the Serrano Law Firm in Hartford, Connecticut, our U.S. immigration services help United States citizens and legal residents unite their families by obtaining legal residency (green cards) for their spouses (marriage immigration), soon to be spouses (fiancée immigration) children and parents (family immigration).

As a Hartford Immigration Attorney, I also assist legal residents achieve United States citizenship through the immigration naturalization process.  Our law firm handles Deferred Action for Children (DACA, also sometimes called the Dream Act) applications as well.

Immigration to America is handled by the United States Citizenship & Immigration Services (USCIS), previously known as the Immigration and Naturalization Service (INS). The USCIS Field Office serving Connecticut is located in the Federal Building at 450 Main Street, Hartford, Connecticut. This is where interviews are conducted for husbands and wives who have filed spousal petitions (Form I-130) for their spouse's to obtain a green card and to adjust their status (Form I-485).

The Hartford Immigration Field Office is also where interviews are held for legal permanent residents applying for naturalization to become American citizens (Form N-400).

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A citizen of the United States can file an immigration residency petition (green card) for the following alien relatives:

A legal resident of the United States can file an immigration residency (green card) petition for the following alien relatives:

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Nuestros servicios de la inmigración a los Estados Unidos en el bufete Serrano Law Firm en Hartford, Connecticut, ayudan a los ciudadanos estadounidenses y los residentes legales se unen a sus familias mediante la obtención de la residencia legal (tarjeta verde) por sus cónyuges (inmigración matrimonio), sus novios (inmigración prometido), y sus niños y padres (inmigración familiar).

También ayudamos a los residentes legales a lograr la ciudadanía estadounidense a través del proceso de naturalización.

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Immigration News by Connecticut Immigration Attorney

Immigration News

During June and July 2015, bills have been introduced in Congress by Republicans that would require the federal Homeland Security department to detain and deport aliens who have been arrested for certain serious crimes. These bills are a response to the Priority Enforcement Program (PEP), part of President Obama’s immigration plan, that would require Homeland Security to take into custody only aliens that have been convicted of serious crimes or are a threat to national security.

The difference between the two approaches is that the Republican bills would require deportation of any undocumented alien arrested for serious crimes and Obama approach is to require deportation only upon conviction. Through the department of Immigration And Customs Enforcement — ICE — the federal government can proceed to deport any undocumented alien at any time; the issue between the Republicans and President Obama concerns when an undocumented alien must be deported.

Immediate residency (green card) for some. If you are a U.S. citizen, the person for whom you filed the residency (green card) petition can adjust status (Form I-485) and become a legal resident without leaving the country if both these things are true:

After the immigration forms and the petition are approved, the immigrant relative must wait until an immigrant visa number is available.  How quickly this happens depends on if a U.S. citizen or a U.S. legal resident (green card holder) filed the immigration petition, on how the person who filed is related to the immigrant, and on the immigrant's home country.  U.S. immigration law uses the following preference categories (the higher the preference the shorter the wait for an immigration visa to the U.S.):

How long a person must wait before an immigration visa to the U.S. is available in each preference category depends on his or her country.  People from countries where large numbers are attempting "USA immigration" — such as China, India, Mexico, and the Philippines — will wait much longer than people from other countries.  Information regarding immigration visa availability, including marriage immigration, can be found at the Visa Bulletin page of the U.S. State Department website.

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